We have a lack of space – and God gives the solution! The Lighthouse is supposed to be a place where people encounter God and get closer to Him.

The next milestone of Shelter-Mission

For several years now the work continues to grow. We have seen a lot of Gods grace and fruits. Yet we have huge challenges with the new situation. Where can the people we take care of find a room to meet, to listen to Gods word and to praise Him? How can we shine our light for Jesus even brighter on Crete? Where do we have space for youth groups, churches and cell groups? Where can we accommodate bible schools and students for the "Project Education" ?

The solution: The Lighthouse

Trusting in God we want to go new ways. For years we have prayed for our (positive) problem with lack of space. Friends of the missions work had it on their heart to support Shelter Mission with a structural work. The condition: We need to finance the building permission and interior work. With this in mind we would love to continue planning and we are excited how and when God will provide the new building. We see this commitment as an answered prayer from God and now we want to plan the next steps with faith and trust in God.