Bulgarian bibleschool

We want to give Bulgarian brothers the chance, to receive the important biblical education they need.

The challenge: Emptiness in the teaching

The Shelter-ministry serves many Bulgarian brothers and sisters. God has given much fruit in the last years. But there is one big problem: Many churches of the Turkish-Bulgarian context have no teachers. Many members of the churches are not able to read or write. Many leaders do not have the glimpse for the importance of good biblical teaching. As the lack is not filled by the Word of God, it is filled by other, wordly or unbiblical contents.

The solution: Biblical education for 10 x 10

We want to get active and fill this lack. So we pray for a biblical education program. The vision is a regular short-time bibelschool. In a pilot project we want to invite 10 church-leaders for a 10-day-program. The focus will be systematic theology and practical theology. The start of this program is scheduled in spring 2016. 

The support: Sponsorship and prayers

As the Turkish-Bulgarian brothers are very poor we want to support them. One place in the program costs 330€, including travel expenses from Bulgaria to Crete and back. We want to invite them to Crete, so that they are free from their home-context and distraction. We hope and pray that God will bless these plans and establish a biblical education program for these brothers and sisters in need. Thank you for your prayers and donations. Perhaps you want to think about a sponsorship for one Bulgarian pastor or church-leader? In return you will receive specific informations and prayer requests of this person and his church. This can be the beginning of a great relationship between you and a Bulgarian bibleschool student. No matter if you are a individual, a youth group, a small group or a church. For the pilot project we are searching for 10 sponsors - are you one of them?