Education is important! Many people we guide in the ministry are not able to read or write – the perspective for their future in Europe is very bad. We want to help them.

Education is important!

Christians should read the Bible. That`s what God emphasizes in His word again and again. How richly blessed are we being able to read. In addition Christians should think about God and talk with others about Him. How nice if you can commnicate well. Moreover Christians should be able to share their faith and Christian values with other people. Good for the people, who learned how to do it. But also apart from bible reading education is important!

How then can Christians read the Bible if they did not learn to read? How then can Christians talk to others if they do not speak the same language? How then can Christians share important things if they do not even know these things?

We, the Shelter-Staff, are very moved thinking about these questions. In our ministry we meet a lot of people who have a personal relationship to God. Lots of ethnic groups meet here on the island. Unfortunately many of them can neither read nor write and the Greek, Bulgarian and German language is difficult for them. They know the love of God and accepted Jesus into their life - but nothing changed. Others never heard of God yet and do not have the opportunities to read about Him.

Now we see it as our task to help those ordinary and open people. They should learn to read, write & speak - with the goal to get to know God better and to have an additional perspective in their lives.

How can we help?

  • Offer of Greek language teaching
  • Offer of English language teaching
  • Offer of German language teaching
  • Learning opportunities for children & adults
  • Personal mentoring during the studies
  • Practical work to implement what they learned
  • Suche und Vermittlung von Ausbildungsplätzen
  • Suche und Vermittlung von Schulungs- und Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten
  • Suche und Vermittlung nach passender Schulbildung für Kinder

Um diese wichtige Arbeit durchführen zu können, sind wir auf Unterstützung angewiesen. In diesem Projekt können wir nicht auf Personal, Material und geeignete Räumlichkeiten verzichten. Wir sind uns sicher, dass Gott durch dieses Projekt viele Menschen segnen kann und wird. Wir würden uns also sehr freuen, wenn auch sie sich an diesem Projekt beteiligen – im Beten und im Geben – und dadurch zum Segen für andere Menschen werden. Auch sie werdet dadurch selbst gesegnet werden.