Not welcomed, not loved, not wanted. Frequently ships with refugees arrive on Crete , like in whole Greece. There are many opportunities to help.

We want to help in the deep problems that refugees face. Refugees are loved and wanted by God. We want to share this love with them and show these refugees the path to the eternal home, heaven.

Help in need

Ships with refugees arrive on Crete and on other Greek islands frequently. We want to react immediately and help locally. We work together with local authorities, the Red Cross, the police and other public authorities and distribute required relief supplies. The refugees receive informations about Christian refugee ministries in Athens, as most of the refugees coming to Crete will soon travel to the capital of Greece. This is very helpful for them on their onward journey.  Furthermore we want to bring refugees into contact with Christians in Germany, before they travel on.

Help in Chania

Several refugees live in Chania and its surroundings - partly since weeks, partly since more than a year. Some wait for their onward journey to Germany, Sweden or England. We build good relationships and help, for example we are meeting

  • Physical needs: food, clothes, blankets, heaters, hot plates
  • Medical needs: planning, guidance and paying of urgent doctor’s appointment
  • Support in visiting local authorities for paperwork
  • Spiritual needs: church meetings, books, films, tracts, the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Help in Greece

We work together with several christian refugee ministries and churches in Greece. The refugee crisis is big in Greece, besides the economic crises in Greece. Especially at the islands near Turkey and in Athens are flooded by refugees. 2017 we want to serve the refugees on Chios - spiritually and humaniterian. The situation is very critical. We want to help, support and pray for the different refugee ministries in Greece. Do you want to join us?