God has blessed us with a great ministry-site. For many years this place has been a blessing for many different people. We as a ministry want to maintain the ministry-site and the buildings in the future.

What does not fit ...

Over 20 years ago two houses were built on the Shelter-site. The stay in these homes has become a blessing for many people. However, the ravages of time are also present at the Shelter-houses in Agia. After blessed years on the ministry-site, various renovations in the facilities need to be done. Also in the wood-workshop and in the tent different maintenance-projects and repairs are required. Some tools to continue the work on the ministry-site need to be repaired or replaced.

... Is made to fit!

The maintenance of the Shelter-facilities is very important to us. We hope and pray that the work work, that needs to be done, will be started soon. The houses and the ministry-site shall be a blessing for many people in the future, where they can experience God.